America has a conservation legacy unmatched anywhere in the world. Almost 30% of the land in the United States – our National Parks, National Forests, wild rivers, wilderness, and other lands– are owned by the people of the United States.

This is the story of four centuries of American history from the first European settlements in 1607 to the 21st century and describes a changing view of the land by the number of leaders, writers, artists, photographers, teachers and organizations. This resulted in the environmental legislation and the 110 milion acres that have been placed in wilderness status in the last half-century.

“When you lose contact with wildness, you’ve lost an important part of yourself.” David Brower

Run time: 54:11 minutes


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Other Films and Interviews


My Best Hope For Wilderness

With interviews filmed at WILD 10 in Salamanca, Spain, October 2013, My Best Hope For Wilderness is what each of those featured in the film desires for Wilderness now and in the future. Those in the film include Sylvia Earle—Explorer-in-Residence of the National Geographic Society, US; Nzioki wa Makau—Chairman of The Tsavo Trust, Kenya; Michael McBride, Founder of the Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge, Alaska; Lowell Baier, Author and Attorney, US; Beatriz Padilla, Conservation Artist, Mexico; Bittu Sahgal, Editor of Sanctuary Asia Magazine, India; Meyasi Meshilieck Mollel, a Teacher from Tanzania; Ian Saunders, The Tsavo Trust, Kenya; and Andrew Muir, Executive Director of The Wilderness Foundation, South Africa.


Conversations on Conservation

This is a series of video interviews about wilderness preservation, its history, personal experiences, and hopes for the future. We have filmed interviews with more than 70 people from government, environmental organizations, educational institutions, and businesses from around the world. Those interviewed show their passion for preserving land, rivers, oceans, and animals. Each interview will be preserved and archived for the future use of scholars, students, and authors.

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